30 Assault Unit (Commando)

HMS would like to introduce a group that we have previously worked with: The 30 Assault Unit.

Here you will find a short synopsis of this famous historical combined operations unit and a look at the modern impression portrayed by the group.

You can find out more at https://www.facebook.com/groups/168647893163533

In September 1942, James Bond author, Ian Fleming proposed the formation of the Special Intelligence Unit, based on the German Abwerkommando. This unit was composed of 33 (Royal Marines) Troop, 34 (Army) Troop, 35 (Royal Air Force) Troop and 36 (Royal Navy) Troop. The Special Intelligence Unit was later named as 30 Commando (Special Engineering Unit), and served in North Africa and the Mediterranean, landing at Algiers, Sicily and fighting its way through Italy to Rome. It also operated on the Greek islands, in Yugoslavia and on Corsica.

In December 1943 most of the unit returned to the UK in preparation for the D-Day landings and was re-designated 30 Assault Unit.

30 AU worked alongside, and often ahead of, front line units, both US and British, to capture much needed intelligence, in the form of codes, documents, equipment or enemy personnel. They worked in small, highly mobile teams with heavily armed jeeps, armoured cars and trucks. Teams were usually led by Royal Naval officers with Royal Marines to provide the “muscle”.

30 AU landed in France as part of the D-Day landings and hunted the V1 and V2 rocket sites as well as capturing any German naval or technological intelligence. As well as Royal Navy and Royal marines, they worked alongside RAF, US Navy and even French Naval personnel.

They crossed the Rhine with the first US forces in March 1945 and captured vital Nazi rocket scientists, as well as the entire German Naval Archive (1870-1945,) along with 3 admirals, and were present at the surrender of Admiral Doenitz, Hitler’s successor.

Following the German surrender a small number were sent to the Far East to continue their work against the Japanese in Malaya and Indochina.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/groups/168647893163533